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DaDa Chan just won the Hong Kong Film Award Best Supproting Actress in April

DaDa Chan announces her retirement online around 10PM
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DaDa Chan Jing who with the film VULGARIA (DAI JOOK HEI KET) won the Hong Kong Film Award Best Supporting Actress in April last night around 10PM suddenly announced her retirement online due to her family, emotional, health and other problems. DaDa wrote, "Life is very tiring, gossip is a fearful thing. Pressure and pain always come together. Due to family, emotional, health and romantic problems I made this decision......I have to retire from on screen acting job and return to my original life. I am just an ordinary person, let me live an ordinary life. Thank you everyone for your support along the way. I am grateful." DaDa earlier in the afternoon already hinted online that she was disillusioned. Many fans urged her to be resilient. Seemingly after a day of consideration, DaDa decided to leave her on screen work and made this announcement.

When DaDa two days ago attended the LAN KWAI FONG 3 (HEI OI YEH PO 3) press conference she was accused of acting like a big shot. When she was interviewed with junior colleagues Celia Kwok and Mika Siu she thought there were too many of them and asked to be interviewed with Celia first. She seemed to be boycotting Mika. Some in the media said that DaDa gained a lot of weight. She revealed that she gained 8 pounds perhaps due to pressure.

DaDa's LAN KWAI FONG 3 co-star Ava Yu Kiu said that she was surprised to see DaDa's retirement announcement. She said online that she hoped DaDa's account was hacked and it was a joked, as she still looked forward to working with her this time!

DaDa's management company also learned about this from the internet. A worker said that so far the company has not been able to contact DaDa, as it hoped to get an understanding and express concern about what happened. DaDa recently worked on the Wilson Chin Kwok Wai directed new film LAN KWAI FONG 3. Chin Kwok Wai said, "I haven't received any notice that said she would not make the movie. Normally when I saw her she didn't look any different. I believed she was just complaining. She has such a great future, earlier at the Hong Kong Film Award she still said that she would work harder."

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