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Tony Leung Chiu Wai and Zhou Xun are rumored to be secretly in love for two years. Zhou Xun is also rumored to hook up with Nicholas Tse Ting Fung for revenge on Wai Jai. With Carina Lau Ka Ling's "ownership announcement" online, the complicated relationships between Best Actors and Best Actresses make great drama.

Yesterday one of the leads Leung Chiu Wai appeared. He promoted his film THE GRANDMASTERS (YUT DOI JUNG SI) in the U.S. and participated in a Chevrolet event. Wai Jai, his assistant, his hairstylist and others in his entourage marched into Beverly Hills. They had tea and chatted at a cafe and even took photos with his photo. He was so relaxed that the Zhou Xun rumor did not seem to have any effect on him. During the Chevrolet event, Wai Jai traveled on U.S. Highway 1 with a caravan to Malibu beach.

Lau Ka Ling yesterday did not update her Weibo. Two days ago she wrote in the morning, "Any place can be a starting point, any time can be a start. Good morning! As long as you act, no time is too late."

The Mainland media speculated the Zhou Xun and Leung Chiu Wai rumors of secret romance over two years while working on THE GREAT MAGICIAN (DAI MOR SHOOK SI) and THE SILENT WAR (TING FUNG JEH) until it was white hot. Some felt that Ka Ling's earlier post of "Being jealous of others would not gain you any advantage and could not possibly reduce others' achievement." was a ownership announcement. An online message said "This Empress' aura can kill the Painted Skin little fox in seconds." (Lau Ka Ling played Wu Zetian while Zhou Xun played the fox demon). Some were also jealous of Wai Jai, "Why is it that when I see other male stars cheat I would feel they are garbage, but with Leung Chiu Wai's rumor with (Maggie) Cheung Man Yuk, Dong Jie and Zhou Xun I feel they are true love?" Someone also crowned Wai Jai "invisible casanova".

In addition, Wai Jai and director Wong Kar Wai earlier on Helen To Yu Fung's program talked about THE GRANDMASTERS. Wai Jai said that he already forgot the reason he made this film, he only thought that martial art film would be fun. He also said that he was already a Bruce Lee fan when he was little. Wong Kar Wai said that for his first biographical film adaptation, he spent years on the research and interviewed people who have come in contact with Ip Man for inspiration.

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