Thursday, August 29, 2013


Lee Sinjie and child star Crystal Lee are trapped under burning metal pipes
Lau Ching Wan insists on performing his own stunts for realism
Lee Sinjie and Lau Ching Wan feel like a family on and off camera
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The Pang Brothers directed new film INFERNO 3D (TOH CHOOK SUN TIN 3D) will be released, the most attracted of which were the fire stunts. In one scene Angelica Lee Sinjie and Crystal Lee were trapped under burning metal pipes and junk. Ching Wan rushed into the fire, moved away the junk from the empty office and blocked falling pipes with one arm. He completed a series of stunts in a few short seconds and saved them both from the fire.

Before the shoot, both ladies first rehearsed in preparation. When Sinjie heard Crystal being crushed under the burning metal pipes and in a lot of pain, she was already very worried and urged Crystal to speak up if she could not take the heat. Yet during the official shoot, Crystal was almost crushed under the metal pipe and Sinjie immediately grabbed Crystal and covered her up. Because of this scene Sinjie injured her leg, she still insisted on completing the shoot before going to the hospital.

Afterward Sinjie said that most characters were willing to sacrifice themselves for others. During rehearsal she saw Crystal looked upset and naturally worried for her. She even said, "On and off camera, we are like a family. No matter what happens we wouldn't just think about ourselves. Crystal was also the youngest in our team so we had to take extra care of her."


  1. Years ago, when I interviewed director Kenneth Bi about "The Drummer", he told me that Lee Sinjie didn't like the name Angelica. Is she back to using it again?

    1. Since we don't know if she is using it or not, we are just covering all the bases. Thank you for pointing that out.