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Donnie Yen tells his sister to bet everything on his horse
Chris Yen will join the film industry as an action actress
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Donnie Yen Chi Tan with his sister Chris Yen Chi Ching attended the Happy Valley 2016 BMW Hong Kong Derby Race selection announcement. Chi Tan was the Derby ambassador for the fourth time in a row and appeared in an electric sports car.

Chi Tan and Karson Choi's joint name horse "Universal Karson" competed for the first time last night. Chi Tan was not nervous and only wanted to have fun. In victory or defeat he had to have sportsmanship, but he would be happier with a winning horse. He believed that every horse owner was fully confident in their horses, otherwise they would not invest so much time on them. Chi Tan said that since he was so busy with work he could only leave the responsibility of picking out a horse for Karson Choi and his wife Cissy Wang. HIs horse was in shape and muscular just like him. His sister Yen Chi Ching said that she would place a bet in support. Chi Tan joked, "Bet all you have, I am joking! Just bet a little for fun!"

Chi Tan last night originally had to fly to South America for his new film XXX 3, but now his trip has been postponed. He revealed that every co-star in the film would be in great shape. Since he represented Chinese actors he had to train harder. Earlier he already worked with boxing champion Mike Tyson, so he had no pressure. However working with Vin Diesel was another new experience. When asked how many packs he had for abdominal muscles, Chi Tan flexed his arms and joked, "It's OK, the shirt is ripping!" Did his wife like him to be muscular? Chi Tan said that she liked him with a little belly, which an artist could not have. He liked to eat too. Luckily everyone in his family had baby face. He truly had to thank his parents for their genes.

Chi Tan appeared with his sister because she joined his production company to make action films. Finding an action actress was not easy in this business. His sister has been studying martial art since she was little, her kung fu was better than many. Did he personally invite his sister to make movies? He said that it was all in the family. As for working as siblings it would depend on the arrangement and the company would fairly handle that. Siblings had to rely on their own hard work and substance to have jobs.

Chi Tan with IP MAN 3 was nominated for the Asian Film Award Best Actor against Feng Xiaogang and Lee Byung-Hun. Chi Tan was relaxed and said that winning Best Actor only meant an extra award at home. He had to be more open minded with awards, and everyone had their own opinion on how his performance was. It was the most important for viewers to like it. Yet IP MAN 3's Mainland box office was being questioned? Chi Tan replied, "The most important for an actor was to do his part. Film at each place would have its own distribution methods, all actors can do is their best with their roles." He also pointed out that IP MAN 3 broke many box office records and received some film award nominations. He said, "Box office was only passing clouds, how the audience felt after watching was the most important!"

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