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Angelina Zhang responds with an online video
Former manager Peter Chiu issues these photos and states that they have been around online for a long time.
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Sexy star Angelina Zhang (Cheung Woon Nga)'s past nude photos have spread like wild fire online. Yesterday she uploaded a video response online, admitting that she took the nude photos that only she and her former manager Peter Chiu have had accessed to. When Peter responded he struck back at Cheung Woon Nga for lying, saying that the photos have fallen into the hands of many "lead actors" and close friends, that what she said broke his heart as the entire case turned into Rashomon.

Cheung Woon Nga yesterday had 17 of her all nude photos spread online, former management company Artist Group Entertainment two days ago filed a report with the police. Yesterday Cheung Woon Nga finally broke her silence in the Mainland and responded with an online video. In it with light makeup her looks suddenly changed and at a glance looked quite like Selena Li Si Wan.

She explained that the photos were shot in her Shanghai home in 2009 and has always been in her possession. When she started in the business she handed over the photos as her manager requested, all the related information was under her manager's care. She said, "Former manager told me, an artist is the company's asset. For the company and the artist's long term development, they have to understand the artist's history and all past experience that included some photos and personal items. I have taken everything out as evidence and clearly said everything that I have to say, including these 17 nude photos that I have already edited."

She said that she did not expect when her contract ended the nude photos immediately appeared online. Cheung Woon Nga continued, "On July 22 after I completed my last job, my nude photos and news of my marriage to (Mark) Wu Yiu Fai immediately spread out. Although I don't have any evidence to prove who sent these photos, I only know that in this world this hard disk and photos have only been under the care of two people." She said that she hoped to settle the matter through legal channels, issue an injunction to prevent the photos from spreading further and an apology to those affected.

Cheung Woon Nga's former manager Peter said that Cheung Woon Nga was lying and that her nude photo scale was just limited to those. He issued 5 pre plastic surgery photos of hers that were online and said that soon after she started they spread around the internet like crazy. After some questioning she finally admitted that she took many nude photos. For safety Cheung Woon Nga asked the company to keep the photos under its care for her, until May last year when the hard disk was returned to her. He said, "The number of photos in the hard disk reached thousands, I have only looked at a hundred or so. The other series of nude photos was even more exaggerated, she was with a man and she said that those photos were only copies. The man definitely had some and her Shanghai boyfriend's personal computer had some as well. However they broke up over money dispute. At th time she told me that she worried about a close friend the most, because she has publicized some of the photos before." Peter said that the matter broke his heart. He was waiting for the lawyer's advice and would not take any action just yet. He also said that if the police required assistance he absolutely would be glad to coordinate.

Cheung Woon Nga shut off her phone. Her husband Wu Yiu Fai said through text message that he had no comment to Peter's comments, only that he and his wife will soon return to Hong Kong together to file a police report. After discussions with their lawyer they would make appropriate response further.

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