Saturday, August 3, 2013


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AD2 two nights ago contacted the police and claimed that someone got them drunk to take nude photos.  Yesterday they audition for category III films.
Xanadu presents director Scud with her photo book
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Director Scud (Wan Cheung) yesterday held an audition for his new films UTOPIANS (TUNG LAU HUP WU) and NAKED NATION (LOR JOOK). AD2 who contacted the police for help two days ago, Xanadu, Donut members Katrina and Hannah all participated. Wan Cheung said, "UTOPIANS will shoot in Hong Kong and Thailand. It will be a story about a young couple and a mature couple. The ending will be a happy ending; NAKED NATION will be a big production and very likely a Mainland co-production, through a family's on the road experience the film will tell recent major events in China. Because both films will need a lot of people, we are holding a large scale audition to first give opportunities to Hong Kong before going to Taipei and Guangzhou later."

Will UTOPIANS be a category III film? Wan Cheung said, "It will be category III, actors should expect daring performance. (Is the selection very difficult?) It has been easier than imagined, because even when actors want to make the sacrifice for art, they don't have too many opportunities to. This time surprisingly girls are more open than guys. (Will full nudity be required?) It is expected! Aside from being pretty they will have to be able to cry because of emotional scenes. They will need more than just willingness to be naked."

AD2 member Amy said, "Normally I would practice expression and movement in front of the mirror, as a new comer I would work hard for every opportunity. (Aren't you afraid of the daring performance?) With a good character and good potential, I would try any role. (Can you accept a fully nude performance?) The film LUST CAUTION (SIK GAI) also has full nudity, but the concept and the idea are great. With good potential (the role) has no problem." They would not mind that the director would only choose one of them because their hearts were as one.

Xanadu said that she did not make any preparation, but when she saw director Wang Cheung she immediately gave him her photo book. Was she showing her figure to the director? Xanadu said, "I hear the director only studies guys and not girls. (Are you mentally prepared for a fully nude performance?) Bare back or thong is OK, ultimately I will get married, I am afraid that after being fully nude I won't be able to."

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