Saturday, August 3, 2013


Pakho Chau complains about the lack of any passionate scene with Rose Chan
Rose Chan claims to have a "daring bed scene" with Liu Kai Chi
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Singer Pakho Chau, Rose Chan Ka Wun and Liu Kai Chi earlier attended their new film I SELL LOVE (FAN MAI OI) wrap banquet. Playing an assisted dating girl in the film, Rose stated that she had a "daring bed scene" with Uncle Chi and that she was nervous during the shoot. Uncle Chi was surprised and clarified, "Rose mixed everything up. We acted on the bed, the daring part was the dialogue. She played an assisted dating girl, we had no physical contact and I didn't see anything." Rose who bared her back for the shoot said that fortunately the director understood and cleared the set, so she was able to get in character easier.

Pakho meanwhile complained that the director did not "benefit" him with any passionate scene with Rose. He joked, "I don't know why I wasn't benefited, maybe he thought I wasn't capable!" He joked that in the past he always played villains, this time he played a hot blooded youth instead. His personality could not be any nicer, which was even more difficult.

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