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Chow Yun Fat's 92 year old mother
Master Kwan Tak Hing's grandson Kwan Chiu Yeung would like to make action films
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Chow Yun Fat's mother Chan Lai Fong two nights ago attended a charity banquet of Kwan Tak Hing's grandson Kwan Chiu Yeung. She said that lately she has been great. "Seeing the achievements of Kwan Tak Hing's grandson, I am very happy. So even a 92 year old like me has to come. Everyday I would swim at the South China Club, every morning I leave at 4:30AM. If I don't swim I would be crippled. Now I can walk and jump. My son at first would swim with me, he taught me to swim. However no one can help you, you have to help yourself. Seniors have to work hard on exercises."

Fat Ma said that now she no longer plays mahjong. She joked, "All my mahjong buddies went to Heaven, and I am no match for the younger folks. They are fast with their limbs, my slow eye sight would lose everything! At home I would ride the stationery bicycle, which cost HK$30,000. Fat Gor bought it for me." Did she ask Fat Gor to buy several homes for her? Fat Ma said, "Having food and shelter are already enough, for those who are content with what they have even poverty is joy. Those who are not would worry even when wealthy."
Kwan Chiu Yeung is 13 this year. Currently in school in the U.S., Kwan Chiu Yeung said, "I signed with a modeling agency there for advertising and TV show work. arlier I worked on a senior care promotional film for th Hawaiian government. I am not afraid that work would affect school, because if my grades aren't high enough, the school wouldn't let me work." As for interests in film and television, Kwan Chiu Yeung said, "I haven't thought about it. If I do I would like to make kung fu films because I have begun starting martial art at age 3 or 4." Kwan Chiu Yeung often did charity work despite his young age, earlier he received a honorary doctorate degree for it in the U.S.

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