Monday, August 5, 2013


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Angelababy yesterday worked on a photo shoot for b+abXAngelababy winter and fall line, the theme of which was the "Coming of Age" that bids farewell to adolescence.

Baby recently has been busy with her film promotion. She said that she was just like Superman. "From January 2nd to mid July I only had a chance to take 10 days off. Tomorrow I will have to continue to work in Beijing." As for the couple casting in the film A SENTIMENTAL STORY with Huang Xiaoming, the film company deliberately edited their kiss scene into a trailer and received online criticism for being sexually suggestive. Baby said, "I have watched many Hollywood productions that often edit some attractive scenes into a trailer, which is understandable. In addition this kiss scene is a very important scene in the story. I disagree that it is sexually suggestive."

As for Huang Xioaming criticizing someone for using a breakup to promote the film, Baby agreed, "The film promotion should not write anything negative. In addition the film is very entertaining, it doesn't need to promote this way. I would rather spend money on a few more screenings for more viewers to be able to enjoy it." Baby did not direct respond when asked if she was hinting that her relationship was stable, but she kept smiling sweetly. She said, "Rumors cannot be believed fully, especially online. Has the relationship changed? I can say I am very happy, I have always been very happy. Now working hard is the most important. I don't know how I should reply, because I have never said how the relationship was."

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