Monday, August 5, 2013


Candy Law, Chip Tsao, Kelvin Kwan
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Candy Law Lam and Kelvin Kwan Chor Yiu yesterday worked on the film OI.CHUM.MAI (LOVE.SEEK.MYSTERY) in Causeway Bay and director Chip Tsao (To Kit) revealed that in the film she would have a passionate bed scene. For her first film Law Lam stated that she struggled alot over the daring performance and had to communicate with her three songs before taking the role. Yet she has been so nervous and lost sleep because of the shoot. On the set she had to drink red wine for courage. She also asked the set to be cleared, only after the end did she feel as if a weight has been lifted. Law Lam said, "Kelvin's technique in bed is OK, he really knew how to help his co-star to get into character. The scene was pretty passionate, but the bottom line was no nudity."

Kelvin mentioned that in the film he and Law Lam had a lot of physical contact, in a hair washing scene he would come in contact with Law Lam's chest. He would also display his chest and rear to seduce him. He said, "This might be Law Lam's first movie, but her figure, abilities and expressions were all real. She was able to bring me into my role."

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