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Linah Matsuoka and Dominic Ho Ho Man earlier worked on the Patrick Kong (Yip Lim Sum) directed film THE BEST PLAN IS NO PLAN (KAU NUI BUT LEI 3 HING DAI). When they worked on a kiss scene at Central, several men in black attacked them with cake and left her with cream all over her face and body. Matsuoka was beyond recognition; although many people looked on, both actors performed professionally and were not affected at all. They completely the kiss scene in one take. Matsuoka was actually very excited and even wanted a photo with the director. He said, "In real life I haven't had such an experience, so I thought it was very interesting. The director even worried that I would mind and reminded me in advance, but I didn't mind at all."

Yip Lim Sum pointed out that Matsuoka was a laughing lady who did not sweat the small stuff. At first he was worried that she would not want to make the scene, but she agreed right away.

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