Thursday, August 8, 2013


Barbie Liu claims to despise gossips the most
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With her 35C bust "Inch Mouth Barbie" Ha Wai Yu had both an impression mouth and figure. Recently she became a "Chin Girl" as she participated in Wilson Chin Kwok Wai's new film LAN KWAI FONG 3 (HEI OI YEH PO 3). Barbie admitted that she had to "go all out". "This time I have the rare chance to make a movie for Wilson, I will go all out. I will have no bottom line, going commando and topless are all OK, but the film standard would not reach nudity! In the script for now I will have sex scenes with male co-stars, I am really looking forward to it!" She also joked that she played a convincing bitch. "In the film I am always talking bad about others, what a bitch! However I have to clarify, although in real life everyone thinks I am very inch mouthed, actually I just have a poorer ability to express myself. In addition I don't like to talk bad about anyone, haha!"

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