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Earlier BabyJohn Choi Hong Yik and Cherry Ngan Cheuk Ling played the leads in the film THE WAY WE DANCE (KONG MO PAI). Speaking of the film, BabyJohn teaches Cherry Tai Chi and develops a romance with her. In real life would BabyJohn try to get girls using acting instruction as an excuse? He awkwardly said, "Absolutely not! Actually I teach children how to act, I absolutely wouldn't chase students from a girl chasing angle!" They also made many commercials that everyone knew. Cherry who was not attracted to BabyJohn even boasted that she had more acting experience than he did. "The most memorable was my first commercial shoot, at the time I was in Form 3, had long hair and was chubby. Because the commercial was about preventing cheating during a test, the guy next to me snuck a peek at my test. Then I wrote smaller and smaller, finally I took out a very thin pen out......" Later, Cherry went automatic as she recited the lines from her commercial without missing one word! Cherry said, "I had a lot of words to recite for the commercial itself, at the time the director worried that the commercial would run over. Yet because I spoke too fast, the commercial ended too soon!"

BabyJohn looked mild mannered but in commercials he often played some odd characters. The most memorable was an otaku in a tissue commercial. He even danced with tissue! In the commercial, BabyJohn played an otaku convincingly, but he stressed again that he was not an otaku. "At the time the director told me to dance with the tissue and asked me to improvise something for him! I don't mind the drastic differences with the characters that I play, because as an actor I want variety. However I stress that I am not an otaku!"

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