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DaDa Chan explains the reason of retirement to be mood disorder and doctor's recommendation
Wilson Chin is studying how to handle DaDa Chan's departure
Manager Celia Sie hopes to get in contact with DaDa Chan soon
DaDa Chan reportedly joins forces with friend Celia Kwok (right) to boycott Mika Siu (left)
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The 24 year old DaDa Chan Jing two nights ago around 10PM decided to retire from performing with the online post, "Life is very tiring, gossip is a fearful thing". After less than 24 hours of "fermentation", DaDa's retirement rumors flew all over. Although she cited emotional disorder and doctor's recommendation to stop on screen work as reasons, contract violation legal responsibilities followed. Aside from not making the estimated HK$5 million in the next half a year, she might be on the hook for compensation. Leaving might not be so easy.

Chan Jing attended the LAN KWAI FONG 3 (HEI OI YEH PO 3) production start ceremony as the lead actress and was excited about the water scene with Korean hunks in the film. Next day however the report claimed that she was arrogant and minded sharing the stage with junior colleague Mika Siu. DaDa reportedly was upset that her manager Celia Sie Lim Chi set her up in order to increase recognition of her junior colleague, in a rage she quit.

DaDa yesterday morning around 11AM "appeared" online to explain the reason for her retirement. She said that due to mood disorder and mental condition, the doctor suggested for hr to stop current on screen work. She hoped that people would understand and apologized for any trouble that she might have caused anyone. DaDa wrote, "Now I just want to be a simple person: work an ordinary job, be with my family, study and add value for myself, have a man who loves me and only belongs to me, dress causally but don't need to be revealing, then laugh, cry, eat and drink with the whole family until my old age."

This year when she won the Hong Kong Film Award Best Supporting Actress with VULGARIA (DAI JOOK HEI KET), she set a goal to receive a Best Actress nomination in five years; now she decided to take another route in order to avoid exposure and find a man who loves her and belongs to me.

DaDa yesterday was absent from a restaurant promotion. Sie Lim Chi was fortunate that the boss accepted a change. For now she has not received any compensation request. She said, "I only found out about DaDa's statement after the media notified me. Later she sent me a text message. Two days ago co-workers called DaDa, she cried and said that a report said that she was arrogant. She was upset, but I didn't know what happened. I lost contact with her, an adult with a sense of responsibility would contact us." Sie Lim Chi did not feel that the dispute rumor between DaDa and her junior colleague triggered the incident.

Sie Lim Chi was disappointed in DaDa. "She issued a statement, said she quit and just quit. The company took jobs for her and signed a contract with her. Since she did not cherish it, many people would line up for it. We still have several years of manager contract, her work schedule was very packed and included two movies." Sie Lim Chi understood that artists had moods and stress, if she had any problem they could have talked about it before making the decision. "I won't force DaDa, but her current way is in reverse." She denied that she argued with DaDa. As for whether she would take action against DaDa, Sie Lim Chi said, "Currently I have to first get in contact with DaDa, she only sent me a reply of 'not attending events'. Now we have to handle the problem at hand, when I have a chance I would get a legal consult."

DaDa claimed to have a mood disorder. Sie Lim Chi had no idea. She said that DaDa three days ago was still fine, suddenly something happened two days ago. Was she worried that DaDa would commit suicide? Sie Lim Chi said, "No way? She wouldn't take it that far!" She was not sure if the matter was related to a breakup. As for people online making the connection to Alex Fong Lik Sun touching her on the SUPER TRIO MAXIMUS program, Sie Lim Chi said with certainty that it was unrelated. Was DaDa upset that the company arranged for her to entertain business contacts? Sie Lim Chi said, "Absolutely not, we never had any business entertainment. If we did, she would have left long ago."

DaDa with "I want to retire" pushed out HK$5 million that she would have made in the next half of the year. Reportedly, DaDa and Sie Lim Chi's management company still had a 5 year contract. She is working on MAN JU SA WA (former titled HEUNG GONG JAI), will be working on the soon to start production LAN KWAI FONG 3, and 3 more movies. In addition this year she returned to be JASON'S FRUIT STORE spokesmodel and will have a large scale promotional event on the 18th. Sh already stated that she will not attend. The damage that advertisers suffered and the spokesmodel contract, as well as other business performance events involved the issue of compensation. Conceivably Sie Lim Chi would pursue DaDa for it. If DaDa would demand a contract termination, the compensation would take awhile to calculate unless DaDa was determined to vanish completely for 5 years. When the contract came to term then she would have a chance.

DaDa's sudden retirement announcement left LAN KWAI FONG 3 director Wilson Chin Kwok Wai scrambling. He said, "I am waiting for her manager to give me a response before deciding. Everyone signed the contract, had to respect the spirit of the contract and professional ethics. The film will start work tomorrow. She should respond with what she wants to do." Chin Kwok Wai said that LAN KWAI FONG 3 will not be a category III film or have any nudity. DaDa will be the lead actress and have many dramatic scenes with performance potential. Did he have a Plan B? Chin Kwok Wai said, "It's still being planned. As for compensation, it too will have to wait until she officially replies."

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