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Wilfred Lau, Daniel Wu, Michelle Ye, Dion Lam, Derek Yee

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Louis Koo Tin Lok, Daniel Wu (Ng Yin Cho), Kenneth Tsang Kong, Wu Fung, Kong Ngai, Michelle Ye (Yip Shuen), Chiao Chiao, Wilfred Lau Ho Lung and others two nights ago celebrated the success of their  film OVERHEARD 2 (SIT TING FUNG WON 2).  Lau Ching Wan was absent as he was attending the Venice Film Festival.

Goo Jai appeared with a cane.  He revealed that he was working on physical therapy and recovering at home.  Yesterday he flew to Chengdu and  Singapore for work, next month he will start work on the Lunar New Year film EIGHTH HAPPINESS 2012 (BAK SING PO HEI).  The team in order for him to rest more did not need him to shoot any action scene yet.  Goo Jai revealed that during this period he either slept or watched movies.  Did he have so much time that he just pressed a button a home to sell another home?  Goo Jai only laughed and later explained that he only sold the place because of the good offer.  Goo Jai said, "for now I haven't had any other investment plan, I have always bought homes to live in.  Right now I am just saving up the money first.  (How much did you make?)  I didn't really count."

Goo Jai has not have another half, would he take the time off to meet someone?  He said no without even having to think about it.  Reporters joked that perhaps he could find a physical therapist to teach him the correct exercises?  Goo Jai said, "He is a man, right now I am doing it at home.  I am just going up and down the stairs, I don't think I need anyone to teach me that!  (Then you can hire a nurse!)  No.  (Wouldn't you be dry?)  I am so busy, I have so many movies to watch."  How much did he lose while recovering?  Goo Jai said that it was not too much because most jobs were only postponed.  Instead he thought that he was fortunate to be a little ailing, as he could take the time to rest and get himself into better shape than before.

In addition, with OVERHEARD 2's critical and commercial success, the directors would like to make a third film.  Goo Jai also said that many friends praised the film.  "I of course don't mind making good movies.  All actors really want to make good movies, but I believe if we really have a third film, it will be an all new story."

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