Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Monna Lam, Taka Kato, Wu Qingqing
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Japanese adult video actor Taka Kato, Wu Qingqing and pseudo model Monna Lam Yi Chi two nights ago attended their category III film 33D INVADERS (MUK TOH SING SUK SI 33D) premiere.  After the trio's palm print and finger print ceremonies, Taka Kato's "Gold Fingers" were covered in clay.  Proven how powerful his fingers were, he cracked up the entire crowd.  One of the lead actresses, Japanese adult video actress Akiho Yoshizawa due to work could not make time to come to Hong Kong.

Earlier when Taka Kato worked on the film in Hong Kong, he performed naked in a Central alley and worked on a rape scene in police uniform.  He was accused of challenging Hong Kong standards and upsetting the police force.  Director Cash Chin Man Kei said that the police uniform scene was already removed.  Taka Kato said, "It wasn't my idea, it's not my problem.  I just followed the script fully.  I am very happy to hear how influential I am, but I am unhappy about the scene being removed."  He said that he was almost retired from the adult video scene.  He was very interested in different films.  This time his alien look was special, which he hoped to share with the Japanese audience.

Wu Qingqing looked forward to her first topless performance yielding good box office, thus she dressed up to promote.  Yet she worried that she would be embarrassed when she watched her performance.

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