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The Huang Yi starred film WOMAN KNIGHT OF THE MIRROR LAKE will soon open.  Earlier she was interviewed along with her co-star Rose Chan Ka Wun.  They worked together again after THE LEGEND IS BORN: IP MAN (IP MAN CHIN JUEN), but this time they were no longer romantic rivals but close sisters.

In order to play the revolutionary heroine Qiu Jin well, Huang Yi did all her homework before hand.  She not only read many books about Qiu Jin but also practiced rolling on the ground for several hours to coordinate the character's literary and action sides, but because it was too tough she dropped to only 97 catties.  She said, "This character Qiu Jin was very hard to play because she did so much in her 34 years of life.  Aside from cultural pursuits, she also learned Wing Chun, spear, Japanese swords, horse riding, and even studied in Japan, operated a women independence daily newspaper, finally she grabbed a gun to the Revolution and made the ultimate sacrifice.  In historical books she only had a few lines but the more I understood Qiu Jin the more of a sense of duty because she was too strong."  Although it was tough she also gained something from the shoot.  Qiu Jin taught her to be independent, brave and strong.  As long as she was strong and tough inside she had nothing to be afraid of.  She said, "Relying on others doesn't work.  My way of living and handling things also changed.  When I used to run into some matters I would avoid, abandon or compromise, but now I would bravely face them.  Only by facing them could I change."  After a lightning wedding and divorce, has she let go of all her past?  She honestly said that for now she did not dare to try love again because love was beyond her control.  Thus she would focus on work and work hard to perform well.  She said, "I now am not prepared to open up my heart.  When fortune knocks, I don't have the courage to open up.  Right now the door is closed."

Rose earlier in THE LEGEND IS BORN: IP MAN played Huang Yi's romantic rival, but this time they played close sisters.  Huang Yi even saved her life.  In the film Rose played Huang Yi's speech impaired servant.  Because she could not speak she had to rely on expressions to act, which she thought was very special.  In the film she still had many action scenes, before which she had to learn swordsmanship.  Luckily during the shoot although she suffered injuries and bruises, they were minor.  This time elders Anthony Wong Chau Sun and Pat Ha Man Jik participated.  She honestly said that with Chau Sun on the set the pressure was enormous but she could take the chance to pick up a few tricks.  She also said that working with Ha Man Jik was very pleasant.  Although she could be her daughter, they had no generation gap at all and even got along great.  When they were not in a scene, they talked about astrology and dogs.  They even realized that they both were Scorpios!

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