Monday, September 19, 2011


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Hui On Wa yesterday attended the Hong Kong Film Archives 100 MUST-SEE HONG KONG MOVIES press conference with directors Chiang Kwok Ming, Wong Jing, Kam Kwok Leung and others.  Each has a film that has been selected for screenings starting in October.  Among four of her selected films, Hui On Wa's favorite was THE SECRET (FUNG GIP).  Due to the good response to it she felt a little like getting rich out of the blue.  Wong Jing and his father Wong Tin Lam were selected as well.  Wong Jing honestly said that he felt the most for his father's work FATHER TAKES A BRIDE (SIU YI NUI) because at the time he was a lot of fun playing with the child actor in the film on the set.  As for his personal work, his favorite was CASINO RAIDERS (JI JUEN MO SEUNG).  GOD OF GAMBLERS (DOH SUN) was only his second choice.  Because he did not gamble, he would only invest on certain victories.  The Film Archive yesterday named Simon Yam Tat Wa the program ambassador for three years.  So far Brother Wa has made over 150 films.  He hoped that the government would actively promote the film culture so the people felt watching movie is an enjoyment.  In the future he would insist on making Hong Kong films and
support local productions.  As for these 100 films, he actually has not seen many and thus had to start.  Hui On Wa's new film won at Venice.  Brother Wa said that she was lucky for women.  Actresses who worked with her all won major awards.  Did he drool over Ip TaK Han's Venice Best Actress?  He said no and thought that she deserved to win for glory of Hong Kong.  Brother Wa also said that working with Hui On Wa was a pleasant and thought that she started to be lucky for men as well.

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