Friday, September 30, 2011


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The Gordon Chan Ka Seung directed MURAL (WAT PEI) will open nationwide on the National Day and on the 13th in Hong Kong.  Chan Ka Seung led actors Deng Chao, Yan Ni, Monica Mok Siu Kei yesterday to promote in Guangzhou.  Chan Ka Seung talked about the MURAL's human fairy love.

Chan Ka Seung said, "I put life all into MURAL, MURAL can be seen as PAINTED SKIN (WAT PEI)'s sister chapter.  PAINTED SKIN is a story that observes what happens to a family.  MURAL opens a door to another world.  I put life all into this film."  Deng Chao said, "In MURAL all the women are injured because of me.  Lead actress Sun Li due to her pregnancy would be absent from all promotions.  Sun Li's health condition is very decent now, only her body is getting 'heavier and heavier'."  In a film full of beauties, Deng Chao honestly said that he was afraid of his wife's jealousy.  During the shoot his wife was happier than him.  Yan Ni admitted that the ban on love was rather cruel, thus she said at the university where the press conference was held, "If I was the principal I definitely would let students date.  I feel in the university the most important thing is being able to date!"

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