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Doze Niu Chen-Zer's new film after MONGA, LOVE, yesterday held its first Mainland media event in Beijing.  Huayi Brothers chief Wang Zhonglei, director Niu Chen-Zer, leads Vicki Zhao Wei and Mark Chao (Chiu Yau Ting) were interviewed.  Niu Chen-Zer said that the film was a snapshot that examined the complicated relationships in the modern city love.  He also added some of his own life experience into it.  He said, "In recent years I have more and more understanding about 'love'.  I want very much to share this experience with the world so I want to make a movie about love."

Zhao Wei this time played a mother on screen for the first time.  Her relationship with her son in the film was very touching.  She said that the character was very different from her past roles and could be a breakthrough for her acting wise.  In addition she was able to work with the director and a group of Taiwan hunks, which was the reason that she temporarily put down her daughter and took the role.  On his first visit to Beijing, Chiu Yau Ting praised the early Autumn Beijing atmosphere was very romantic; he also praised Zhao Wei for being very charming on and off camera and a popular woman.  He also talked about the fun time he had while working with Ethan Juan (Yuen King Tin) and Eddie Peng Yu-Yan.  He also jokingly hoped to form with them the Taiwan "hunky trio" to bring even more handsome work to the audience.

Also at the event, the director presented "certificate of love" to the two leads.  To coordinate with his character, Chiu Yau Ting also received the "girl pick up" certificate.  Zhao Wei received the "best girlfriend" certificate.  After accepting their certificates, they gave the director a "marriage certificate" and publicly rushed him.  Zhao Wei said, "Because we feel the director looks carefree and wild but inside is someone who wants to get married very much, I hope he will be able to find a companion to spend the rest of his life with and forever extend love in marriage."

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