Thursday, September 22, 2011


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AngelaBaby Yeung Wing along with director Jingle Ma Chor Sing promoted their new film LOVE YOU YOU (HA YUT LOK YAU YAU) all over.  Yesterday they attended a Guangzhou press conference.  Many fans went in support.  Ma Chor Sing praised Baby's great potential, in three years her achievements would be even better.  Baby even was called "the romantic film little heavenly queen", which made her very happy.  Yet she still would like to make attempts in different areas.

After the press conference, Baby even deliberately stayed for ten minutes to meet with fans.  Fans presented their homemade cakes and a variety of gifts.  Speaking of memorable experience from the production, Baby remembered the crying scene on the island.  On the boat she saw the beautiful sky and scenery.  As for being called the "romantic film little heavenly queen" in the Mainland, she was rather happy; yet aside from romance she would like to try different genres.  For example her next film she will try an action film.  Director Ma Chor Sing said that her development in three years would be even better.  Baby's idol was Zhou Xun.  When asked whether she would like to surpass Zhou Xun in three years, Baby said that she was an elder who in three years would be even more amazing.  She did not dare to be mentioned in the same breath with her.

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