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Currently working on the Peter Chan Ho Sun produced, Andrew Lau Wai Keung directed latest kung fu film FLYING GUILLOTINES (HUET DIK JI) in Yangqu, Xian, Huang Xiaoming two nights ago suddenly suffered pain in both his eyes as they kept tearing up and he could not see any light.  He was rushed to the Taiyuan hospital for treatment.  Huang Xiaoming put bandaged on his eyes and rested half a day before rushing back to Hubei to participate Chen Kaige's new film SHAMEN KONGHAI set construction ceremony on the 28th as scheduled.

On the morning of the 27th, Huang Xiaoming's assistant posted a photo of Huang Xiaoming with his eyes bandaged and appeared to be in a lot of pain.  He said that after 2AM he received his boss' call and said that his eyes hurt a lot and could not be opened.  With the help of the film production they immediately went to the hospital for treatment.  Later, Huang Xiaoming's manager also issued official information on line, "Thank you everyone for your concern for Huang Xiaoming, Xiaoming's eyes started to hurt in the middle of the night yesterday and could not see any light.  Due to how sudden it happened, he immediately went to Taiyuan hospital for treatment.  Now he is already stable, please relax.  The cause is
still under investigation.  Because his eyes still could not open, today's FLYING GUILLOTINES shoot wa postponed and Xiaoming was in a panic.  All the darkness would only be temporary.  With everyone's encouragement, he definitely will be able to open his eyes.  Go!"

Last year Huang Xiaoming's eyes were splashed with artificial blood while making SACRIFICE.  The chemical in the artificial blood burnt his cornea.  The promotion department said that Huang Xiaoming's eyes due to work under strong lights for a long time at work and fatigue became very sensitive, which led to the inability to be opened.  Then he was sent to the hospital.  Huang Xiaoming has already been released from the hospital and was resting with the team.  The FLYING GUILLOTINES team was very understanding of the actor's health and for now has suspended Huang Xiaoming's work for the day.

Despite the sudden illness, Huang Xiaoming still insisted to participate in Chen Kaige's new film SHAMEN KONGHAI's set construction ceremony today.  On the 27th with bandages and sunglasses Huang Xiaoming rushed to Wuhan overnight then spent two hours on a car ride to Xiangfan.  He immediately checked into the local hospital for a follow up visit and dressing change.  His manager updated his status online.  Luckily he did not suffer any infection.

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