Thursday, September 29, 2011


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Yu Yuk Hing (second right), Rick Chin (third left), Emily (second left)
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After her divorce Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi not only took care of her sons but also remembered to develop her own career.  Recently she and her manager invested in the New Asia Entertainment + Cecilia Cheung Workshop, which already opened in a low key manner.  Becoming a boss, Pak Chi even spent six figures for an employee lucky drawing to improve relationships with them.

Pak Chi posted three photos yesterday online and wrote "Cecilia Cheung Workshop Opens With Low Profile, Boss Cheung Blatantly Benefits Employees".  Actually Pak Chi and her manager's New Asia Entertainment + Cecilia Cheung Workshop earlier opened in Hong Kong.  That day she led ten employees in the opening ceremony.  In order to increase employee morale and improve their relationships, she threw in six figures for the employees to play a lucky drawing for cash prize.  Pak Chi's workshop design was simple and even faced the race track.

In addition, Pak Chi also posted two photos from the set of LEGENDARY AMAZONS (YEUNG MOON NUI YEUNG).  She was practicing with a long spear with a stunt coordinator.  She wrote, "As long as it is within my ability I would finish all of my scenes.  I hope to not only fight exciting but also fight pretty."  Thus during her free time she practiced her martial art scenes.

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