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Ching Siu Tung, Eva Huang, Jet Li, Charlene Choi, Yang Zi
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The Jet Li (Lee Nin Kit), Eva Huang Shengyi and Charlene Choi Cheuk Yin starred THE SORCERER AND THE WHITE SNAKE (BAK SEH CHUEN SHUEN) two nights ago held a premiere in Causeway Bay.

Lee Nin Kit did not accept any media interview only did a brief question and answer segment with the host.  Director Ching Siu Tung pointed out, THE SORCERER AND THE WHITE SNAKE was the most difficult
fight film for Lee Nin Kit in the past ten years.  Lee Nin Kit said that this time was not considered difficult.  He joked, "Attending promotions to me is even more difficult."  Ching Siu Tung also said that every actor
worked on this film until they got sick due to the dozen or so degree below zero Celsius climate.  he said, "We still used the wind machine to create the drifting feeling!"  Ah Sa also admitted that working in the water in the chilly winter without any protective clothing was very tough, luckily the director prepared ginger tea for them to keep warm.

Ah Sa revealed that when she went shoe shopping she ran into "Big Beauty" Brigitte Lin (Lam Ching Ha) and Ti Lung's wife Tao Man Ming.  She said, "I asked them for their opinions.  Mrs. Ti Lung thought the shoes were pretty."

Ah Sa joked that every time she went clothes shopping she ran into "guiding light".  Last time in Venice she saw Deanie Ip Tak Han.  This time she ran into Lam Ching Ha for the first time.  As for her impression, she said, "I feel she is very well maintained."

Huang Shengyi dressed provocatively two nights ago.  She admitted that she did not use any tape and took the chance to urge the media not to keep staring at her chest.  She revealed that next month she will again
come to Hong Kong for an action comedy.

Shengyi said, "For this movie I have already trained over two months in martial arts, thus with another action film I don't need to practice more."  Shengyi revealed that she also did not need to practice earlier for a martial art performance in a commercial.  Thus she got her return for all her hard work.  Shengyi also pointed out that SORCERER was the most difficult because thus she learned a lot of action techniques.  She hoped to have more chances to work on action films in the future.  She said, "Kung fu films sell better and have more overseas market."

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