Friday, September 16, 2011


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The 20 year old university student whose popularity recently rose wth the film YOU ARE THE APPLE OF MY EYE, Ko Chen-Tung had continuous negative news.  The freshest was a video that him getting fresh after drinking.  Yesterday he and director Giddens Ko held a press conference to clarify.  He said that the person in the video was his friend and not him.  He was sorry that his friends was dragged in because of him.  He did not want to affect his friends' lives and families.

Ko Chen-Tung said that he and his family watched the entire video but stressed that he was not the person in the video.  Yesterday he spoke with the person in the video over the phone.  He apologized to him for the video being dug up because of him.  Speaking of the woman in the video seemed to be his other girlfriend, he honestly said that and said that the video was made three years ago.  At the time he did not know her.

Giddens Ko was very sad for Ko Chen-Tung.  With his self confidence, if at age 20 the media misreported like this he might not be able to withstand it.  He also said that Ko Chen-Tung was 19 when he made the video.  Now everyday he was at school.  If the media did not made up stories, his life would be more normal.  He hoped that everyone would treat him fairly.  Would Ko Chen-Tung think of retiring due to the negative news?  He honestly said at first he did, but the film was so popular now and with so many fans supporting him,  he thought he should not leave so easily.  Was he worried that one day his work would be affected?  He said that this would depend on the company arrangement.

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