Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Miki Yeung
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Jeana Ho, Shum Chi Ming
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The film LAN KWAI FONG (HEI OI YEH PO) has not been officially released yet but starting on the 9th advanced screenings took place and it already exceeded 500,000 at the box office.  Two nights ago director Wilson Chin Kwok Wai and actors Jeana Hui Pui Yu, Miki Yeung Oi Kun, Shum Chi Ming and Wong Chung Hiu went to the cinemas for viewer appreciation.  Chin Kwok Wai humbly said that he was still very nervous.  He valued word of mouth more than box office, but also revealed that he has already begun conceiving a script to the sequel and arranged for the film to be released in the Mainland.  If so, Jeana and DaDa's passionate scenes would require editing.

The thoroughly sexy Jeana appeared in a push up tube dress and pointed out that she just returned from working in Sydney, but learned about the box office success, Deanie Ip Tak Han's overseas Best Actress award, good friend Leanne and boyfriend Tom's impending parenthood and wedding.  She had good news galore.  She stressed that she would take the completely safety precaution and would not have an unwed pregnancy like Leanne, but she wished them to have a son at first try and continue the band Mr.'s career.  Would she dress even more provocatively to pump up the box office?  She said that when the film will be released tomorrow (15th) she already prepared a pleasant surprise for the audience.  She said, "In Sydney I bought HK$8,000 lace underwear, with which I plan to cheer up my boyfriend if he gets mad from seeing the more passionate scenes in the movie.  If I don't have any use for it then I will wear it for the audience at the premiere.

When asked if the film would be released in the Mainland, would she regret that her passionate scenes might be cut out?  Jeana admitted that she would and said that online she received many Mainland friends' messages that they wanted to watch her performance.  She suggested that Mainland friends could form a tour to enjoy the film in Hong Kong, but she also coyly whine to the director, "Which are you cutting my scene, I am very hurt!"  Shum Chi Ming was asked whether he was absent from an earlier promotion due to his scandal?  He denied that and explained that she had to return to work in Taiwan.

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