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Sister Deanie just wants to go home and shower
Sister Deanie chaneels her character and carries her own luggage
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Winning the 68th Venice Film Festival Best Actress, Deanie Ip Tak Han yesterday returned and attracted over 100 media members to welcome her at the airport.  In white casual wear and a straw hat, Deanie left the gate with a smile on her face.  She said that after a long flight she would like to go home and shower the most.  She also did not forget to urge the Hong Kong government to support the Hong Kong film industry even more.

Because the flight was delayed for half a hour, Deanie did not appeared in the lobby until the afternoon.  After accepting the fresh flowers from the crew, she brought out the award for media photos.  As for the victory, she said, "I truly didn't expect it, it's like I had help from God.  It's a type of encouragement for me.  Seeing everyone happy about my award, I am very happy too.  However I would be a little more withdrawn, I don't want to flow too much.  I have to remain calm, ultimately this isn't just my credit alone."

Deanie honestly said that she has settled from the exciting of the award.  "I settled down very quickly, on the flight back I had men all around me.  Everyone had their shoes off, it was very hard to fall asleep.  Now I am still a little dazed, I want to go home and shower the most.  Without cleaning the home in over ten days, I am the most worried whether the toilet is clogged."  She also revealed that when Andy Lau Tak Wa called to congratulate her, he just kept laughing.  Last night she would attend Wa Jai's 50th birthday party and brought the Best Actress award and the Italian Catholic humanitarian organization Signis' "special award" to Wa Jai as birthday presents.  Would she increase her salary after the award?  She said, "I don't dare to, even if someone hires me I have to consider it further."

As for when she would work with Wa Jai again, she said, "In 1989 I ran into (Ann) Hui On Wa in Cannes and spoke of a singer who wanted to bring into the first place of the top ten.  Hui On Wa said that (something) that was deliberately done would never be pretty.  I was talking about me.  If I want to win an award I make an award winning film, then if I make a get rich movie can I get rich too?  The most important is sincerity.  The concentration when I act with Wa Jai has already reached another level."  Deanie instead wanted to seek breakthroughs like working on the stage and with hard working and passionate musicians.

After winning an award Deanie asked the Hong Kong film industry numerous time to support the film industry.  She said, "The best would be allocating fund in support, colleagues have to make an effort too."  Some said that both Wa Jai and Hui On Wa said that they had to beg investors for money for dramas.  This time would the award change the reality?  Deanie said that everyone knew about market demands. Foreigners had fund investments, in Hong Kong a hit movie had to be made.  She also understood that the young people preferred love story mainly drove the market, but she still hoped to be able to make some movies for mature viewers.  She said, "Anyone in business wants income, a film investment costs quite a lot so I hope the government can help and make more movies about social issues."

In addition, Lau Tak Wa last night celebrated his September 27 birthday in advance with over 100 fans.  Fans from the Mainland, Japan, the U.S., Thailand and others places even prepared banners to write different well wishes for Wa Jai.  The fresh out of the oven Ip Tak Han also appeared at Wa Jai's birthday party.  Other guests included Mr. and Mrs. Charles Heung Wa Keung, Vincent Kok Tak Siu and So Wa Wai.  The admission for this birthday party was HK$500, the proceed of which will be donated to charity.

Mrs. Heung said that she donated six figures to the charity and wished Wa Jai 100 years without change.  As for Wa Jai's actual birthday, she said that he usually would not appear that day.  Last night, Wa Jai's parents should have appeared.  Reportedly Wa Jai's big celebration this year was a make up wedding banquet?  Mrs. Heung said, "You ask him."  Heung Wa Keung also said, "Tonight is very happy, of course it is."  Mrs. Heung was asked about when Wa Jai would have a child but Mrs. Heung only said that everything would take its natural course.  Speaking of A SIMPLE LIFE (TOH JEH)'s Venice Film Festival success, Mrs. Heung said that kindness is rewarded.  Heung Wa Keung said that last night was not just a celebration for Wa Jai's birthday but also the Mid Autumn Festival and A SIMPLE LIFE's awards.

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