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Fans praise how convincing Andy Lau looks
Jing Boran takes Andy Lau around to look for his son
Andy Lau keeps to himself to cultivate emotions
Andy Lau is hard to distinguish from the rest of the crew
As a worker is about to stop a passing motorcycle, Andy Lau stops him
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Andy Lau Tak Wa since mid March worked on the film LOST AND LONELY (SUT GOO) in Quanzhou and began a search for his son in the Mainland. He played a farmer who began an over a decade long search for his son after a kidnapping. Wa Jai has shot in Quanzhou, Nanchang, and Wuhan. Earlier he arrived in Chongqing to start work. After over a month of crossing provinces across the continents. His look went from dirty initially to dark and thin in the middle of the production. On the streets of Nanchang law enforcement once drove him away.

Earlier, Wa Jai was even more convincing while working in Chongqing. He looked old and weathered. The ladies who looked on questioned if he really was Lau Tak Wa. However, fans were excited and felt that this film would bring Wa Jai another Best Actor award.

Wa Jai two days ago began work in a small Chongqing community. He wore a gray laborer jacket, even his facial hair was gradually graying. In the crew he kept to himself. Wa Jai was dark and thin, quite a different from his "Heavenly King" image. Some whispered, "He is completely different from on television, is he Lau Tak Wa?" In one scene Jing Boran gave Wa Jai a ride on his motorcycle with a banner that said "searching for son". When the neighbors were certain that he was Lau Tak Wa they said, "The star in real life isn't handsome, he looks dark and thin." Some even thought that Wa Jai had no star flavor.

Wa Jai was focused on work and ignored all the reviews from neighbors. However he still paid attention to his surroundings and he helped pedestrians. He won the praises of many. During the shoot the production team had road blocks. Wa Jai was waiting to take his mark when a motorcycle wanted to pass through. The crew was about to stop it when Wa Jai grabbed the worker for the motorcycle to pass. Someone took a photo, posted it online and praised Wa Jai, saying that details decided a person's achievement. Lau Tak Wa was not only a superstar but also a good role model. Some also said that real big shots do not act like big shots.

Wa Jai's farmer look received fan praises for how convincing it looked and he was the epitome of a real actor; some also noticed his arms to be too smooth for a real farmer. Even so, fans are already looking forward to watching LOST AND LONELY. Some even wanted to make Wa Jai the Best Actor!

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