Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Rose Chan
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Aaron Kwok Fu Sing has worked with director Oxide Pang Shun many times. When Pang Shun wed Angelica Lee Sinjie in Malaysia, Sing Sing was the best man. As for his friend Pang Shuns' recent affair, Sing Sing urged his friend to face and accept responsibilities. Last night Sing Sing attended an Audi new car press conference. He said that he just completed the film THE MONK (DOH SI HA SAN)'s shoot in the Mainland. When reporters asked him about Pang Shun's affair, Sing Sing's response was heavy. He said that he felt uneasy when he saw the report and did not want to read it.

Sing Sing said, "I hope Ah Shun would face and accept the responsibility. I as friend hope he would be able to get past this." Should Lee Sinjie forgive Pang Shun? Sing Sing hoped that Ah Shun would do what he should do to make up for it. He did not call Pang Shun, and believed that during this period he needed time to calm down. Sing Sing said that he was not certain about Pang Shun and Sinjie's marital problem, only they would know. Was he surprised to see the report? He said, "My heart felt a little uneasy."

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