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Universe blasts Elanne Kong for not signing her contracts
Elanne Kong and Daneil Lam used to be on the same side
Daneil Kong may need to take Elanne Kong to court
Wilson Chin will have to make new casting choices before the production start next month
Eliza Sam plays cute at a tasting
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Eliza Sam is not much of a drinker so she only drinks with friends that she trusts
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Artist Elanne Kong Yeuk Lam and Universe's contract dispute remains unresolved. Although yesterday was the final day of Kong Yeuk Lam's ten year collaboration with Universe, their relationship has worsen due to the lack of resolution to the contract terms. Earlier Universe issued a legal letter and documents that included a Wilson Chin Kwok Wai directed film LAT GAING BA WONG FA (HOT INSPECTOR WEARS SKIRTS) contract and a contract documentation to Kong Yeuk Lam. It stated that if she refused to sign, Universe has the right to seek reparation for damages that she has caused the company.

The deadline ended yesterday. Universe executive Alvin Lam Siu Keung said, "Kong Yeuk Lam did not sign the film contract. In addition, she has completed the first 10 years of her jobs but insisted that she did not need to follow through with the remaining 5 years. Obviously she is violating the contract! Now we are handing the matter to the lawyers, if we need to go to court we will sue to the end. Everyone has to respect the spirit of the contract!" Reportedly the 5 year contract violation amount involved 8 figures. Lam Siu Keung said, "I have no comment, everything is in the lawyers' hands." When asked about any new development with her relationship with the company the same response was given.

LAT director Chin Kwok Wai admitted that Kong Yeuk Lam's refusal to make the film was quite a headache. He said, "However she isn't as damaging as the (DaDa) Chen Jing incident, back then DaDa suddenly vanished. This time we have a back up plan. Aside from Kong Yeuk Lam, we have other famous female stars. They just haven't been revealed yet, an announcement will be made later. We still have a month before production, now the script is being improved upon." LAT producer Charlie Wong Wing Fung said that the relationship with Universe has always been good. The incident would not affect it and he would not ask Universe for compensation. "It is regrettable that we won't be able to use the company's artist. I hope next time we will be able to work together again. Actually the film has many independent characters. Additional actors in the future may be second choices."

Soon to work on the film LAT GAING BA WONG FA, Eliza Sam Lai Heung regretted that Kong Yeuk Lam has decided to resign from the film. She revealed that in her impression Elanne was a professional actress and would perform from a character direction. She even said, "I really respect this type of actors. Originally I was thinking about learning from her. I hope to have other opportunities to later! I am not sure about her dispute with the company, so I would just focus on the training." Co-star Jeana Ho Pui Yu did not receive any news but also expressed regret about Elanne's resignation.

Heung Heung yesterday attended a French culture event and revealed that she will have to fight in LAT. Thus she was working out and having abs was her goal. Would she display her result in swimsuits? Heung Heung said, "I am more conservative. I can appreciate other people's bodies but I am too shy about myself."

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