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Dennis To and girlfriend Christie Wo share a drink
Dennis To
Christie Wo reportedly is absent from the social scene due to financial troubles
Dennis To takes off his jacket to share with his girlfriend Christie Wo in the rain
Sin Kwok Lam
Good News claims Dennis To wants to dump his master Sin Kwok Lam
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The 33 year old Dennis To Yu Hang "fought" into show business due to his master Sin Kwok Lam and played "Ip Man". However some said that because he let stardom go to his head as he compared himself to Tony Leung Chiu Wai and Donnie Yen Chi Tan, he stated that he wanted to terminate his contract with his company. Sin Kwok Lam was disappointed and his wife was enraged! Reportedly the company already signed a new 5 year contract in March with To Yu Hang, if he wanted to terminate the contract he would have to make compensation. However To Yu Hang did not have a cent to him. His girlfriend even vanished from the social scene supposedly due to financial trouble and planned to get her boyfriend into SPL 2 (SAT POR LONG 2), making him Yen Chi Tan's successor and her the second Cissy Wang.

Some said that To Yu Hang was acting like a "big shot" and was demanding; selective with his roles and turning down roles due to lack of screen time and stars; lazy, Sin Kwok Lam asked him to improve himself but the advice fell on deaf ears; turning down jobs, since he thought that martial art performance was like the circus he stated that he would never perform martial art publicly again; ungrateful as he felt that he deserved brand name clothing, assistant, business class flights and other benefits from Sin Kwok Lam; and finally the biggest taboo in martial arts, after eight years under Sin Kwok Lam he instead called Sammo Hung Kam Bo his master. Those in the know said, "He thinks he is such a big deal, he takes advice from his girlfriend and even turns down television series. He says it was cheap!"

Turning down jobs to no job, To Yu Hang moved from a big home to a small home. His girlfriend even sold her car online and walked like it was for exercise. They even ate more ordinarily, sharing clothing and drinks. Yesterday To Yu Hang was asked if he wanted to start his own company. He said, "I don't know how to answer that." As for his romance, he said, "She is just a friend, nothing special." When asked about his relationship with Sin Kwok Lam, he immediately clammed up. "I am busy, let me call you back." Sin Kwok Lam was asked about this. "I don't want to comment so much, ultimately I taught him." He also denied to revealed To Yu Hang's contract problem due to privacy.

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