Thursday, May 29, 2014


Someone ran into Lee Sinjie in a private hospital
Oxide Pang is caught staring at his phone and is criticized for not caring about Lee Sinjie at all
Liddy Li remains silent
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Oxide Pang's secret affair with pseudo model Liddy Li Yui Tung, Lee Sinjie faced with her husband's marital betrayal was exhausted. Yesterday someone posted photos Angelica Lee Sinjie at a hospital. Her right arm had I-V marks and she looked very weary and tired. After 4 days, Lee Sinjie looked like a completely different person from her earlier running photos.

Although Pang Shun went to the hospital with his wife, he sat alone in a corner and kept staring at his phone. Some questioned if he was truly worried about his wife and blamed him for upsetting Lee Sinjie to the point of sickness.

Around 11AM, someone post two photos on a Malaysian Chinese forum and revealed that a friend on the 28th went to a private hospital and ran into Lee Sinjie and her husband Pang Shun. In the photo Pang Shun only looked at his phone and looked obviously indifferent. Lee Sinjie was with friend and family, she looked exhausted.

Lee Sinjie and Pang Shun sat apart. Her right arm even had I-V mark. She looked fragile and listless, but Pang Shun did not attentively take care of her and instead sat by himself while looking at his phone. Two days ago was when Lee Sinjie and Pang Shun issued a joint statement. Lee Sinjie not only had to face her illness but also her heartbreak. In the statement she protected her unfaithful husband at every turn, stating that she would face it with Pang Shun and would peacefully continue on. Obviously she hoped to give him a chance. Yet Pang Shun's performance truly was not that of a fitting husband. No wonder people online had to blame him for not apologize to his wife before Pang Shun issued another statement to apologize.

People online were shocked to see Lee Sinjie's weary look and even blamed Pang Shun for not feeling guilty at all. They urged Lee Sinjie not to give him a chance to change.

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