Friday, May 30, 2014


Cherie Chung, Hu Jun, Liza Wang
Kam Kwok Leung, Mandy Lieu, Ricky Kwok
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A fan of Cherie Chung's ONCE A THIEF, Hu Jun would like to work with her
Karena Lam hopes everyone would give Lee Sinjie space to handle her problem
JW wishes Janice Man well with her new company
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Cherie Chung Chor Hung and Hu Jun last night attended a fashion store opening. Speaking of her film ONCE A THIEF (JUNG WAN SEI HOI) as Hu Jun's favorite and his hope to work together, Hung Goo said, "I would consider it because he is a good actor!"

Hung Goo earlier was caught taking photos with a HK$200,000 camera. Actually she was busy with her charity photo exhibit. "The equipment is from the sponsor, I didn't have to spend money. Chow Yun Fat is very high class, he wouldn't share photography tips with me. However I too want to take photography hikes to lose weight." She said that the camera with the most special value to her was a special edition from her husband Chu Ka Ting. Did Chu Ka Ting give the camera to court her? Hung Goo joked, "I don't need to be chased."

Karena Lam Ka Yun due to the film COMA (GAU MING) became friends with Angelica Lee Sinjie. She joked, "I know what you want to ask, I won't talk about my friend's love life. I have contacted Lee Sinjie to let her know that we love her very much. She said that she is handling and facing it." Lam Ka Yun's husband Yuen Kim Wai is also a director. Would he be particularly tempted? Lam Ka Yun said, "It has nothing to with being a director or not, the most important in a relationship is more communication." She would not be a "trailing wife" and keep an eye on her husband because a couple was about trust.

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