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Raymond Wong, Edward Lee, Ronny Yu, Kitman Mak
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Sunbeam Theatre has brought back the Saturday late night show from now until June 28. The first Saturday screening will be the Ronny Yu Yun Tai directed, Edward Lee Kui Ming written, Raymond Wong Pak Ming and Chow Yun Fat starred Cinema City film THE OCCUPANT (LING HEI BIK YUN). The current Sunbeam president Lee Kui Ming even invited Yu Yun Tai to return from Australia. Also on hand were Wong Pak Ming, the film theme song EVERY NIGHT ENTANGLEMENT performer and actress Kitman Mak. They shared experience from the film. Kitman Mak even performed the theme song.

Yu Yun Tai said that he came back for Lee Kui Ming and would leave Hong Kong in days. The film was shot in 1984 and is 30 years old. He joked that back then he did not work much, Wong Pak Ming asked him to direct. Wong Pak Ming also stated that he asked Yu Yun Tai because he was "very available". As for Chow Yun Fat, because at the time Fat Gor was known as the box office poison everyone was worried that he would drag down the film. Even for the film's Taiwan release, the distributor asked for Fat Gor's image to be placed at the bottom of the poster. In the end the film made over HK$10 million. Fat Gor thus erased his box office poison name and began to rise.

Lee Kui Ming said that back then he and Karl Maka studied Vajrayana and came up with this story. He spent one night to finish the script. Later the script went to Wong Pak Ming, who did not made much changes before agreeing to make it. He thus through this film began to take a place among the numerous Cinema City screen writers. For this screening, he originally contacted many people to attend but they did not have time. Although everyone now can watch the film online at anytime, going to the movies was another experience. Thus Sunbeam tried to bring back the late show of yesteryear and ticket prices will be HK$20 to attract more viewers.

Yu Yun Tai on this trip to Hong Kong also discussed film projects with Wong Pak Ming. He stated that with the right script and cast he would return to film. Otherwise he would stay in Australia.

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