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Elanne Kong Yeuk Lam earlier was revealed to have asked for an early contract termination with Universe and complained that her income during her 10 years with Universe was low. Universe boss Daneil Lam Siu Ming responded that they would not terminate the contract and claimed that Kong Yeuk Lam was trying to get sympathy. Kong Yeuk Lam and Universe's contract already came to term in early May. Universe has not signed a new contract with Kong Yeuk Lam. Some pointed out that Lam Siu Ming decided to release Kong Yeuk Lam.

Yet yesterday Universe again issued a statement, saying that Universe was still Kong Yeuk Lam's only, sole and exclusive manager for all rights around the world. It had the right to represent Ms. Kong's global performing art career and sign all related agreements and contracts. The statement even said that Universe artist management has already obtained legal consultation and would take all suitable legal action to ensure the benefit of the company. Seemingly Kong Yeuk Lam's contract issue has not yet been resolved.

Kong Yuek Lam also responded, "Thank you everyone for your concern. I can only say that my 10 year term contract with Universe artist management has already ended on May 2nd. They issued me a 5 year new contract for extension. I have not signed it. As for the 'exclusive contract extension right', I have already given my written notice of refusal according to the stipulations on the contract a month before the contract ended. I absolutely respect Hong Kong laws and spirit of the contract. Even with a difference of opinions on the contract interpretations, last month I have already written to Universe with settlement suggestions in hopes of finding a complete resolution. Yet so far I still have not received any reply. As of now, I can only go with the flow. I would peacefully face everything as usual. After 10 years of being 'Kong Yeuk Lam' I have fulfilled a dream. I feel grateful and satisfied. Thank you!"

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