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Huang Xiaoming in the film THE CROSSING (TAI PING LUN) is paired with Song Hye-Kyo. Yesterday they wre interviewed together. He praised Song Hye-Kyo for her tenderness and agreed that she was the most beautiful female star in Asia. The media asked if he was afraid that his girlfriend would be jealous over his praise of other female stars? Huang Xiaoming replied, "My mouth should be more humble, no matter how my heart thinks. In addition Song Hye-Kyo's beauty is different from Baby's. Song Hye-Kyo is very refreshing, her eyes are very sincere. She is a goddess no matter her age; Baby is more western." Song Hye-Kyo also praised Huang Xiaoming as very polite and knew how to take care of his co-stars. She was fortunate to have worked with him.

As for Takeshi Kaneshiro (Gum Sing Mo), his co-stars joked that they grew up watching his films. However he was over 40. He said that he did not have any special feeling, only that he started earlier and performed in many films. He has said something similar to Sandra Ng Kwan Yu before, even Huang Xiamoing has said something like that.

He said that THE CROSSING script surprised him, especially playing a couple with Japanese star Masami Nagasawa. Because they had a kiss scene they became familiar, he felt embarrassed. After he took the initiative to chat with her, the shoot got smoother. Has Gum Sing Mo thought about becoming a director? He said that when he was 20 he did, but later he saw how tough directing was and no longer thought about it.

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