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Petrina Fung Bo Bo was a guest on a now program and talked about her over 50 years in show business. She tearfully said that when she was little she had to make movies for the survival of her entire family. From age 5 she was already very strict with herself, when she ran into difficulty she could only tough it out in front of others. Fung Bo Bo admitted that she has always hated her father for making her miss her chance at school. She often played a good kid in films and had parents for pick up and drop off at school, but in real life she has never tried it. She said that at age 16 she felt that she has wasted her life and decided to leave home. Later she received assistance from a fan's father to study in England and finally fulfilled her school dream.

Fung Bo Bo recalled that after she went to study overseas, her mother told her that she was not her father's biological child. She was so upset that she was sent to the hospital. Fung Bo Bo asked her mother about her biological father but in the end never got any answer. She got married and had two sons. Later they got a divorce and her sons' custody went to her former husband. She admitted that she regretted not being able to witness the growth of her sons very much.

In the mid 90s the economy went to a depression and show business was not as it was before. Fung Bo Bo thought about leaving show business back then, and even applied for an office reception job. However the employer asked for a recent photo, so she changed her mind. In 1995 Fung Bo Bo due to stress and years of depression she attempted suicide.

Now Fung Bo Bo chooses to look at the past with a smile. She is no longer angry at her father. Instead she feels lucky that she was able to help her father when life was the most difficult. She and her mother now often see each other too. Speaking of her relationship with her sons, Fung Bo Bo said that since her son at age 15 said in Kuala Lumpur that he wanted to live with his mother their relationship improved. The program also invited Michael Lai Siu Tin to perform when Fung Bo Bo sang ASK ME.

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