Thursday, May 8, 2014


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Gordon Liu gets teary eyed when he runs into Elliot Ngok
Gordon Liu enjoys a roast goose leg
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TVB program SCOOP two days ago arranged for Gordon Liu (Lau Ka Fai) to visit Television City and catch up with many good friends. He was all smiles throughout the visit and appeared to be in great spirits. Yesterday the program aired his visit to the sets. When he saw his friend of many years Elliot Ngok Wa he immediately broke down in tears. Then he and Amy Fan Yik Man, Elaine Lok Yi Lok and others went to dinner at the restaurant. His appetite was great and thoroughly enjoyed his roast goose leg. Later he also wanted sweet and sour pork. As for his wish, Lau Ka Fai said, "See everyone more."

Ngok Wa yesterday went to work at Television City and said that he has known Lau Ka Fai since the Shaw era for several decades, but they have not seen each other in a long time. His wife earlier visited Lau Ka Fai with Annie Liu On Lai. Ngok Wa revealed that at the time he introduced a Taiwan doctor invented natural treatment to help Lau Ka Fai with his recovery. He said, "The treatment doesn't require medication, only ginger water everyday and Yuan Shi Dian massage. I have a friend who suffered a stroke tried it and recovered. This method treats illness if there is any and ensures health if there is not. In recent years I have been maintaining my own health this way, and I rarely have any illness or pain."

Ngok Wa mentioned that when the late artist Wu Ma was confirmed to have terminal cancer, for awhile he used this natural treatment and his condition improved. He was even able to go out for tea and work in the Mainland. Yet before the Lunar New Year Wu Ma suddenly stopped drinking ginger water and declined massages from his wife. His condition immediately took a turn for the worst.

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