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Chow Yun Fat
Nick Cheung
Nicholas Tse's schedule will determine if he will be back for a reunion
Carina Lau is expected to star opposite Fat Gor
Chapman To is nowhere to be found on the cast list
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International superstar Chow Yun Fat's GOD OF GAMBLERS 25 years ago was a big hit. Early this year he returned to gambling film with FROM VEGAS TO MACAU (DOH SING FUNG WON). His new character Ken remained charming as usual and set off sparks with the new generation Best Actor Nicholas Tse Ting Fung. The film successfully made over 500 million yuan RMB and HK$35 million at the domestic Lunar New Year box office.

Reportedly, director Wong Jing and producer Andrew Lau Wai Keung decided to follow up with a sequel FROM VEGAS TO MACAU 2 (DOH SING FUNG WON 2), which will likely start production at the end of June for a Lunar New Year release next year. This time the production budget even reached 150 million yuan and added in 3D production. This film will shoot on location in Thailand, the Mainland, Macau and Hong Kong. Investors will include Mega Vision, Bona, TVB and Sun Entertainment Culture. VEGAS 2 will follow its predecessor, with Ken developing a new story. Wong Jing will add in a strong cast that will include the seven time Best Actor Nick Cheung Ka Fai and Best Actress Carina Lau Ka Ling, as well as keeping the newly crowned Hong Kong Film Award Best Supporting Actor Max Zhang Jin and "Jing Girl" Kimmy Tong Fei. Fat Gor's disciple in the previous installment Tse Ting Fung has not yet been confirmed.

Wong Jing admitted the addition of Ka Fai to team with Fat Gor and he was confident about setting off new spark. "When Ka Fai learned that he would have a chance to work with Fat Gor he was already very interested. After reading the script he even agreed right away. As for Fat Gor his response was very positive about working with good actors! Actually I really want to bring together three Best Actors Fat Gor, Ka Fai and Ting Fung, but Ting Fung's schedule and salary are still being negotiated."

Cheung Ka Fai over a decade ago worked with Wong Jing on many gambling films. His character Dragon was very memorable and many still savored his comedic performance now! Reportedly in VEGAS 2 he will play an accountant and a computer expert, a friend and rival of Fat Gor. They will have numerous scenes together. Although it was unknown whether Ka Fai would return to his comedic nature, many already looked forward to two Best Actors' collaboration! Wong Jing said, "This is an all new character, no one will expect it."

In addition, the sequel will add in James Bond adventure elements. Fat Gor in the film will have a lot of lucky with the ladies as he will continue to radiate his charm. He will develop a thrilling romance with Lau Ka Ling. Will they have any intimate scene? Wong Jing joked, "That will have to wait for Sister Ka Ling to decide!"

As for Chapman To Man Chak, who has triggered a Mainland online boycott after his pro-Taiwan "anti Cross Straits Service Trade Agreement" comments, he did not appear on the cast list. Director Wong Jing said, "The script has many characters, the main story will not fall on To Man Chak. Even if he will have scenes, they will be very little. For now we haven't made a decision yet."

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