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Samantha Ko
Michael Hui, Wong Cho Nam
Alex Wong Lik Sun
Belinda Yan
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Wong Cho Nam does not mind standing between his girlfriend Leanne Li and friend Ivana Wong
Jacquelin Chong
Samantha Ko
Michael Hui promotes his new film for the first time and is not at odds with the director
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Michael Hui Koon Man, Wong Cho Nam, Ivana Wong Yuen Chi and Jacquelin Chong Si Man two nights ago attended the film DELETE MY LOVE (DELETE OI YUN) premiere. Cho Nam brought his girlfriend Leanne Li Yanan and even posed for photos with her and his onscreen girlfriend Wong Yuen Chi.

Speaking the film right being sold to Hollywood, Cho Nam said that he has learned that it was sold for over US$500,000 and congratulated director Patrick Kong (Yip Lim Sum); however the sale did not man that he would work in Hollywood, he hoped that the boss would add a condition for him to play Pedestrian A. However his girlfriend Yanan broke out of Hong Kong before he did. Earlier she made a foreign film and had a few lines. Unfortunately she had to be blindfolded in her performance.

Wong Yuen Chi also knew about the sale. If it truly was made into a foreign film, she would like Robert DeNiro to play Hui Moon Man's character, Brad Pitt to play Cho Nam's character while she remained the lead actress. She happily said, "During the production I never expected such good news. (Are you worried about comparison?) I am not worried because they definitely will have differences. Everyone's culture and languages are different."

Chong Si Man celebrated her birthday earlier. She posted photos of flowers and ring online. She admitted that this year she received many thoughtful gifts but she did not know why so many people knew her address to send flowers directly there. As for the ring, she truly was very surprised because she knew it was out of stock. The size was just right too. She also said that normally she would not feel anyone who gave rings had any motive, but this time her acceptance did not represent that she accepted his pursuit. The ring was not a couple proposal ring. It was nothing special but she would definitely give him a higher score.

In addition, Hui Koon Man during the shoot was rumored to be at odds with Yip Lim Sum due to his numerous requests and had many scenes cut out. He denied that he and the director were at odds, saying that he was not used to the promotional method. Now actors have to promote and attend audience appreciation events. Although they felt strange, he did not mind. He already has been to Beijing and Guangzhou for audience appreciation. He said that in the old days they snuck into a screening for audience appreciation, now they directly watch for reaction in the open. Will he work with the director again? He said that with a good story he will not mind and praised that this was a special director. As for if his scenes have been cut, he said that his role was minor and he has not seen the film yet. Thus he was not sure.

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