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Ng Man Tat recently spoke with TVB StarTalk about his return to Hong Kong film ABERDEEN (HEUNG GONG JAI). He admitted that at first when he got the script he thought the story was very outdated. Yet after the production it was not as outdated as he has imagined, in fact it was rather refreshing. Brother Tat was the happiest about running into former co-star Carrie Ng Ka Lai again. "We have worked together many times, Ka Lai played my mistress every time. This time was no exception. She was an 'old hand'." He and Ka Lai had to shoot a bed scene as soon as they met, Brother Tat admitted that the script originally did not have the bed scene. He thanked the director for adding the scene for him.

Brother Tat recently had health problems. He explained that because he promoted more he felt a little tired. Has his family told him to rest more? Brother Tat said, "No, rest for what? As long as I am not old, my mind hasn't regressed, my health is OK I can continue to act. Even at age 70 and 80, this business still has age 70 and 80 characters that I can play. Of course they can't be too hard." He valued family heavily, but because of work he had to sacrifice his time with his family. Thus every night after work he would fight for time to eat with his family and chat. For his child, Brother Tat also tried to learn to use facebook. In the end he thought it was too much trouble and he could not learn it, making calls was still the best. Now his family lives in Malaysia. As soon as he has time he would go and be with them.

Brother Tat has been in film for years, his most representative work should be his comedy movies with Stephen Chow Sing Chi. Yet he joked, "Maybe I will still have a second spring and a third spring." As for his relationship with Sing Yeh, Brother Tat said that when they saw each other they would have a laugh, but lately they truly rarely saw each other. Because Sing Yeh was very busy as a company CEO, he sometimes would be in Beijing and sometimes in Shanghai, Singapore and Malaysia. They had no time to meet.

Brother Tat also spoke up for Sing Yeh. "Many people have different criticism of him. Actually he is very normal. Maybe he grew up in a single parent family he was more mature in many areas. He was very protective of himself and would not have heart to heart contact with new friends." Because Sing Yeh now mostly worked behind the scene, it would depend on fate whether they would work together again.

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