Tuesday, April 12, 2011


courtesy of takungpao.com

The Andrew Lau Wai Keung directed, Shu Qi, Liu Ye and Tian Liang starred BEAUTIFUL LIFE yesterday held its first press conference in Beijing. The event displayed a giant poster of the cast and unveiled the Liu Ye and Shu Qi "forever and ever" poster. They was asked to pose like
they did in the poster. Shu Qi joked later, "Indeed I am no longer young, my back hurts a little!"

When the director talked about the Shu Qi played Hong Kong woman, she got teary eyed. However she was back to her happy self during the question and answer segment. A reporter mentioned that her good sister Kelly Lin (Lam Hei Lui) marrying rich. She said, "She married pretty well, but it wasn't a lightning wedding. I personally feel meeting today and getting married tomorrow is a lightning wedding. If I got drunk I might have that possibility."

The love letter from Shu Qi to Liu Ye was shown. Liu Ye first joked that he has only sent a text message like the love letter to his wife. Shu Qi said that if she liked a man, he could just casually write something and she would already be touched. She also joked that if Liu Ye wrote a love letter to her, she would be touched then would directly call Liu Ye's wife. The audience laughed. Later a reporter asked that since Shu Qi called Liu Ye "Ye Zi", did Liu give Shu Qi any nickname. Liu Ye struck back and said, "No, just called her beauty because nicknames usually don't resemble reality." The crowd cracked up again. Shu Qi pretended to hit Liu Ye. Tian Liang who played Liu Ye's language disorder suffering brother earlier brought his daughter to the diving pool. Would he like her to succeed him? He said, "No, I just wanted her to understand what sport was, for her to understand what her father did!"

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