Thursday, April 21, 2011


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Elanne Kong Yeuk Lam and A Niu yesterday attended the film THE WEDDING DIARY (GEET FUN NA GEIN SI)'s Singapore press conference. The leads said that the press conference was like their media announcement of their engagement. When the event began the couple entered. Elanne joked that she only knew A Niu for two days before she had to be engaged to him, she was two days sooner than Big S. "Groom to be" A Niu was bashful and only said during his self introduction, "Hi everyone, she is my old lady. I am very happy, thank you!"

Two nights ago Kong Yeuk Lam already arrived for the film's costume fitting. This time she played a rich girl who immigrated from Hong Kong to Singapore, for a happy life she was determined to propose to her boyfriend. With the crew already addressed her as "Ngau Soh", she was both surprised and pleased to work with A Niu for the first time. "He gives people a very friendly and very easy going feeling, but I am afraid that I would have mad bad takes on this shoot. He really is very funny." A Niu during the costume fitting met Elanne in person for the first time. He thought she was very pretty as the crew even caught him blushing. They made fun of him as someone who was afraid of his wife.

Best Actress Wai Ying Hung would also play Elanne's mother. At the press conference, because both Elanne and Sister Hung wore black she was very happy. "I feel very honored to have this chance to work with Sister Hung because I can have the chance to learn from her about acting. I believe my acting will definitely benefit a lot."

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