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ATV's Sunday broadcast of the Hong Kong Film Award only had an average rating of 7 points, but ATV did not accept the rating result and even accused someone "falsified" results against ATV. Later TVB along with CSM Media Research and the Accredited Advertising Agencies of Hong Kong issued a joint statement that expressed deep regret over ATV's "false" accusations. All three organizations would reserve all rights to take action. TVB even revealed that it will issue a legal letter to ATV with CSM Media Research to demand justice from ATV and to cease using the term "falsify" again, and cited that ATV's action seemed to be those of a sore loser.

ATV yesterday held a press conference at its headquarter. ATV key investor and CEO, senior vice president Kwong Hoi Yan and other executives attended. The Hong Kong Film Award Association board member Leung Lee Siu Ha also came in support.

At the press conference, ATV issued a statement about the Hong Kong Film Award's initial rating numbers and the Mainland rating falsification information. Kwong Hoi Ying first said that yesterday was Black Wednesday because they received news that someone wanted to sue them due to their harmful questions. Kwong Hoi Ying said, "I feel it's pretty serious, saying something that is unfair would actually mean oppression in return. ATV's symbol is orange and red, but the venue may turn gray, actually something cannot be said." Kwong Hoi Yan then read the statement that CSM Media Research in rating survey had a record of improper means. ATV suspected the credibility of the rating provided and thought that ATV's phone survey was a mature and viable investigation method. By a conservative estimate, CSM Media Research's survey created hundreds of millions in losses for ATV. ATV also would like the Broadcast Authority not only investigate TVB monopoly but also the false rating issue. However over the accuracy of the hundreds of millions advertising loss, Kwong Hoi Yan said that ATV was not a public company and only needed to report its numbers to the authority. It also said that CSM Media Research was involved in false rating reports in the Mainland. Thus it had reservations about the company's survey.

ATV's self conducted rating had 2.3 million while TVB's rating only had 400,000. He only said that he had no idea where the difference in numbers came from, but he believed that the Hong Kong Film Award is an entertaining program. Instead he asked reporters whether they believed it only had 400,000 viewers. As for TVB's claim that they were sore losers, Kwong Hoi Ying stressed that back then MY FAIR PRINCESS and WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE were both CSM research. However after changing companies they have not won again. They stressed that they were not sore losers. He said, "Before the contract ended we grin and bear it. After the contract ended last year, we found another research company. We only surveyed ATV program, but whenever we had new programs, the other station would say that our rating was low. We absolutely are not sore losers!"

Wang Zheng was curious why a television station would be willing to pay for ATV rating survey, but each time the result was not good. He pointed out that the rating was life and death for the other station because advertising revenue was built on rating. He thought that ATV programs were not bad. If the survey had research value, ATV's fate in recent years would not be as such. Yesterday he would not stand by ATV. Wang Zheng also said that he appreciated Jackie Chan's anti mob parade years ago, ATV also had to conduct an anti mob movement in the media and advertising world. He stated that ATV management has already been on a road of no return, which he was deeply appreciative. He said, "ATV is no lamb. It has to stand up. As an investor, I would fully support it." Then he bowed twice to Kwong Hoi Ying and others. The ASIA MILLION STAR singers began to perform HEART OF A VAGABOND. Wang Zheng also distributed conscience USB thumb drives.

TVB said that since 1992 in the past 20 years TVB and ATV have always participated in the same rating survey format. ATV under this format has also recorded high rating like HONG KONG TODAY, MY FAIR PRINCESS and MILLIONAIRE. ATV back then recognized the results, which proved this format worked. Yet starting at the end of last year ATV began to slide in rating and denied this format that has been used for almost 20 years. It is truly under suspicion of being "sore losers". As for the "antitrust" issue, Hong Kong has a process and a system to handle it. ATV can follow the process and issue the complaint. TVB would make arrangements once the authorities notified it. In addition, Leung Lee Siu Ha said that she was very satisfied with ATV's full broadcast of the Hong Kong Film Award and questioned TVB's announced rating result. Will ATV broadcast the Hong Kong Film Award again next year? She said that they need to vote on broadcast right and next year the board will change. She joked that she did not know whether she could remain.

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