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The APPLE director Li Yu directed, Sylvia Chang (Cheung Ngai Ga), Fan Bingbing and Chen Bo-Lin starred film BUDDHA MOUNTAIN is about how the Cheung Ngai Ga played Yue Chin, the Beijing Opera actress who was passed her prime and three young people who left home to try their luck in the world Ding Bo (Chen Bo Lin), Nanfang (Fan Bingbing) and Soap live under the same roof.

In the film Fan Bingbing and Chen Bo-Lin had an older woman younger man relationship. They turned from good friends to lovers. In the film they already worked on kiss scenes and intimate underwater scenes. To promote the film, earlier Fan Bingbing and Chen Bo-Lin worked on the music video FAREWELL in the water again at the request of the director. Fan Bingbing in the music video looked sexy and gorgeous. During the shoot she had to keep her eyes open and even sing underwater. Mavis Fan Hiu Huen wrote FAREWELL's music, Han Hong wrote the lyrics. Fan Bingbing due to the performance of this theme song became good friends with them.

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