Sunday, April 17, 2011


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3D animation SAMMY'S ADVENTURES: THE SECRET PASSAGE 3D two nights ago held a premiere, Chapman To Man Jat, Krystal Tin Yui Nei and Sammy who provided their voices attended. Other guests included Nancy Sit Ka Yin, Elaine Lok Yi Ling and Monica Chan Fat Yung. Ah Jat joked that in the film he and Ah Tin provided voices to "Grandpa and Grandma Turtle". Two nights ago they even brought a giant Brazilian turtle.

Ah Jat said that he worked with the turtle on the film LA COMEDIE HUMAINE (YUN GAN HEI KET). At the time he promised to keep him for life if the box office reached 10 million, but in the end the goal was not reached. Now it lives in director Chan Hing Ka's office. When would they lay "turtle eggs"? Ah Tin was silent. When asked whether she was pregnant, Ah Jat immediately hit his wife's belly. He joked that not to mention a child, they did not even have time to have a zit. His wife was busy with a series while he often had to work in the Mainland. Would Ah Jat leave all his "essence" in the Mainland? He immediately said no. Ah Tin said, "You leave your 'essence' for Hong Kong."

Chan Fat Yung joked that at first when she heard about the 3D movie, she thought it was 3D SEX AND ZEN and did not dare to go.

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