Wednesday, April 27, 2011


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THE DETECIVE II (B+ JING TAM) yesterday held its national premiere in Beijing, the director and the cast attended. At the premiere, workers carried warning signs to the premiere stage. The team gave the "B+" warning signs an all new explanation. Director Oxide Pang Shun stressed that THE DETECTIVE II promotional items' added warning labels was based on a self classification. Film rating classification was a standard that governments used for film inspection in many nations or regions. Hong Kong for example had three different categories; the Mainland did not have such a classification so Mainland film releases in general would not have category guidance.

Aaron Kwok Fu Sing and Liu Kai Chi had even more in depth views on the "B+" warning signs, pointing out that the society is in a dangerous stage. A variety of social pressure followed one after another, whether natural or social, factors that triggered the danger were numerous. Kwok Fu Sing even complained to the director that the character Detective Tam went from C+ to B+, he has been brave and invincible as he solved a series of tragic cases. His case resolution ability was recognized everywhere, but he always remained a private detective......Director Pang Shun immediately awarded police badges as a sign of encouragement.

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