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Janice Man Wing Shan in PUNISHED (BO YING) thought that the most horrifying scene was when she was buried. In the film she was buried, her father Anthony Wong Chau Sun and assistant Richie Jen (Yam Yin Chai) arrived and had to dig her out. She said, "This time I really came back from the dead, which made me learn to cherish life even more."

Janice Man said that the character make up was very fresh to her. However she was the most horrified when she learned that she had to buried. At first when she heard about this scene she did not have much feeling, but when she arrived at the actual set to prepare for the shoot her heart started to pound. In particular before the shoot rain just came down, the dirt was very moist. After the rain many worm type creatures would appear in the dirt. She has always been afraid of bugs so lying on the ground was very horrifying for her. She said, "This was a very memorable experience. I would never forget about this in my life." The scene took all night to shoot. After she got home and spent a hour in the shower.

Chau Sun and Siu Chai who were used to action films did not have too many difficulties with this film, but to keep Janice Man from hardship Chau Sun hoped to dig her out in the shortest time possible and did not think about anything else. Thus that night Janice Man were particularly nice to Chau Sun and Siu Chai, because they saved her life.

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