Tuesday, April 26, 2011


courtesy of takungpao.com

The film THE FOUR DETECTIVE GUARDS held a set visit in Ningbo. Star Deng Chao said that during his last birthday (Feburary 8 2010) he already picked up a marriage certificate with Betty Sun Li. They even planned to hold their wedding ceremony in the second half of the year.

Deng Chao after the event was surrounded. After the media asked further, Deng Chao finally announced his marriage to Sun Li. Deng Chao said that he and Sun Li picked up the certificate on his birthday. He never made the announcement mainly because both were busy with work and never found the right opportunity. Deng Chao half jokingly said, "Originally I thought if I won the Hong Kong Film Award then I would make the announcement, but in the end I didn't win." Deng Chao honestly said that he wanted to choose a good time to announce the good news but was never able to. Deng Chao even said that his friends were helping him with his wedding. Later this year he and Sun Li will have a wedding ceremony, but the details still could not be revealed yet.

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