Monday, April 18, 2011


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Veteran film professional Terry Lai two nights ago at the Hong Kong Film Award won the Lifetime Achievement Award. Yesterday she dined with the media to celebrate. She said that two nights ago many cinema owners tried to schedule dinners with her to celebrate; yesterday she celebrated with her company co-workers with cake. Tonight her husband would take her to dinner with some classmates who returned from overseas. In the foreseeable future, her celebrations would keep on coming.

Ms. Lai in the past not only grew the Intercontinental distribution company business but also put in quite an effort for the film industry. Thus she deserved this award. Now Ms. Lai has already left Intercontinental in her son's hands. In the future she would be able to focus on community charity services. She revealed that now she has begun to work with seniors who live alone. She hoped to have a community care center in all 18 districts in Hong Kong. Now two have already been established. Each one would hire a nurse and a social worker, who would train some volunteers to help seniors who live alone in the community. Thus each center's operation required over 1 million. Luckily she had certain experience and relationships, many trusted her and gladly donated. With the donation she went to the Social Welfare Department to apply for grants.

She chose to help seniors who live alone completely because of her other. She said, "Without Mama I wouldn't be here. Because she supported me, I was able to fully focus on my career. However now many seniors have been abandoned, young people don't have time to understand seniors. So Seniors truly need everyone's assistance."

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